Hump-Day Recess: A 1949 DUI Stop

The roads of 1949 were a different world. While the states had laws against drunk driving, enforcement would not worry the police and courts much for another twenty years or so. Intoxicated drivers were usually seen as amusing mischief-makers, rather than deadly law-breakers. Too often they were sent home with a warning – a warning that didn’t take.

A 1949 DUI stop by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol

From this 1949 photo, it looks as if the Oklahoma Highway Patrol took this driver seriously, though it’s not clear if he was arrested, or just told to go home and sleep it off. Even if he did end up in court, sentences and fines for DUI were light, and of course there were no ignition interlocks to ensure that the drivers did not offend again.

Though we don’t know the outcome of this DUI stop, we offer a very belated kudos to the OHP for their vigilance.

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