Your Hump-Day Recess: 1950s Soviet Anti Drunk Driving Poster

“Attention Drivers,” says this Soviet-era poster. “Alcohol dulls vigilance and leads to emergencies and human victims.”


The anti drunk driving poster, from the 1950s, was one of many that the government issued in an attempt to deal with an alcohol problem that plagued Soviet society. The alcohol in question is, of course, vodka.

Drinking has a long history in Russia; Ivan the Terrible began using liquor as a revenue generator for the government back in the 16th Century, and the tradition took hold and never died in the country. The Soviets attempted to deal with alcoholism almost as soon as they came into power in 1917. However, the government could never kick its addiction to the money that a state monopoly on vodka brought in.

Forbes Magazine rated Russia the most dangerous country to drive in, in part because of poor enforcement of drunk driving laws. Ultimately, it takes more than cool posters to change a drinking culture.

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