Four Drunk Drivers Crash in Two Days – But Into Police Cars??

police carIt seems to have started in Boone, North Carolina on Friday. A driver barreled his pickup truck into a parked police patrol car. Fortunately, the car was unoccupied at the time. The driver, who sustained minor injuries, was booked for DWI, among other charges.

That might have been a single, unremarkable news item if it hadn’t set off a rash of similar incidents worthy of a Stephen King story. It was as if a memo went out to drunk drivers telling them to aim for police cars.

On Saturday, January 29th, a police officer in Colorado Springs spotted a teenager asleep at the wheel. When the officer woke the teen up, the driver panicked and tried to escape. He backed into the police cruiser.

He was caught.

The same day a police officer in Southport, Indiana had stopped a driver and was conducting a routine stop when another driver plowed into the cruiser.

The driver was arrested on suspicion of OWI.

Things were not going much better for police cars in Redding, California. That same night a man drove his Toyota Corolla into the rear of a police car. The driver tried to leave the scene, but he was pulled over and booked for suspicion of DUI.

That’s four police cars in four states over a period of less than two days. We don’t know exactly what’s going on – we haven’t seen the memo – but we wish it would stop. Drunk driving is dangerous, and police officers are all too often in the line of fire because their cruisers are parked on shoulders or other unexpected places.

Sober drivers can spot them and make adjustments, but drunk drivers, with their compromised vision, concentration,  and response time, are likely to react too late. In this case it was just some crunched metal and a court case. But in the past these incidents have been tragic.

Four in a weekend is maybe enough. Make sure you drive sober, and keep the keys out of the hands of friends who have been drinking.