5 Ways To Avoid a DUI Arrest – That Fail Big-Time

modelTNo one wants to be arrested for DUI, least of all people who are actually driving drunk and are thus facing serious charges. Perhaps that’s why drivers go to such lengths to evade the police after they’ve clearly been busted. Only, if we are to believe the news, alcohol seems to impair drivers’ ability to evade arrest as completely as it blunts their driving skills.

First, a collection of news items from across the USA demonstrating five ways NOT to avoid a DUI arrest:

  • Jump off a Bridge: A drunk man dived off a bridge into the Grand River in Grand Rapids, Michigan to avoid a DUI charge. When confronted, he refused to leave the freezing water.
  • Lie Like a Rug: After an alcohol-related crash, a Dublin, California man tried to persuade his passenger to admit to being the driver. When that didn’t work, he found someone who lived nearby and offered him money to testify to seeing someone else avoid-dui-arrestjumping out of the driver’s seat and running away. He went back to the person’s house 13 times to convince the unfortunate man to perjure himself. When that was a no go, the driver forged a declaration and submitted it in court.
  • Drive Like Crazy: When a patrol officer tried to pull over another California driver, the suspect continued at high speed through a residential neighborhood, hit a guard rail and a gas main.
  • Steal a Bike: A Lindenhurst NY man refused to be pulled over by a policeman, probably because he was high on drugs and in a stolen vehicle. After he flipped the SUV, he managed to evade the police, steal a bicycle and continue the chase on two wheels – for a while.
  • Eject Yourself: In Gainesville, Florida, an intoxicated man crashed into two vehicles and then tried to drive off while hooked to one of the cars he hit. Unable to get far, he was arrested while making his escape through his Honda’s sunroof.

And finally, one method of avoiding a DUI charge that is proven to work:

  • Drink, or drive, but not both.