Alleged Drunk Driver Enters 7-Eleven In Inconvenient Manner

Your Hump-day recess: Okay, you win, it’s a drive-through!

Convenience stores see more than their share of drunks since they’re a ready source of alcohol at all hours. They also see more than their share of drunk drivers, though usually, they get out of their cars before they go shopping. In Lawrence, Kansas one driver, apparently impaired, was too impatient to park. This drive-through crash is what happened.


Let’s be serious for a second. One customer sustained a leg injury. That was bad enough, but the woman in the video would probably not be alive had she been shopping instead of standing at the counter. The two-ton SUV would have crushed her easily. Make no mistake: the driver discharged a deadly weapon in the direction of the store, injuring one and narrowly escaping what would have been vehicular homicide.

Large vehicles, which so many people buy for their vaunted safety, are extra-dangerous when piloted by a drunk.