A helping hand for Veterans suffering from Substance Abuse

Marine Substance AbuseWhen you put someone in combat, it’s hard to know how he or she will react for the long term. Although some veterans come through their military career in a stronger frame of mind, others will struggle with symptoms relating to their service for years to come. The fact of the matter is, one in six veterans who were involved in recent combat operations suffer from substance abuse issues, and there is definite link between substance abuse and mental illness resulting from a stint in the active military.

Unfortunately, many of these veterans end up in the hands of the criminal justice system, and that’s where Veterans Treatment Court comes in. Although a veteran is required to make regular court appearances and stick to a treatment plan just like regular court, the environment of Veterans Treatment Court is one of understanding and camaraderie specifically for those who have served their country.

Judges from Veterans Treatment Court understand the unique challenges veterans face and have their best interests in mind. As well, Veterans Treatment Court can provide the veterans with programs, substance abuse treatment plans, and other benefits unique to individuals in the service, all in one place. Hopefully, with assistance specifically tailored toward them, veterans will receive the assistance so desperately needed to combat substance abuse issues.