Your Hump-Day Recess: A Radar Reminder That Speeding is Lethal

We’re all familiar with those radar speed signs that let the drivers of passing cars know if they’re driving too fast. The town of Elm Grove, Wisconsin decided to offer a warning message with their sign. It doesn’t just tell you how fast you’re going – it tells you where you’re headed if you don’t slow down.

Elm Grove Wisconsin - Speeding is Lethal!

We give them “A” for originality, and a “B” for logic – people traveling under the speed limit would still merit 20 or so days in the hospital, it would seem. Nevertheless, the sign is a visible, dramatic reminder of the real consequences of speeding and reckless driving.

After the Second World War police forces around the US adopted radar technology for the peacetime use. In the 1950s, as the Interstate highway system grew, so did radar detection. While radar helps catch and ticket thousands of speeders every year, signs like these are valuable for making roads safer.