A Safe Super Bowl – At Least For Your Party Guests

Injuries are part of football — as this is being written the Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman is nursing a sprained elbow, and the Patriots’ Bryan Stork has knee problems. But the deadliest injuries this Super Bowl Sunday will happen not within the confines of a Glendale, Arizona stadium, but on roads and streets all over the country, in the hours following the game.

Safe Partying this Super BowlThe Super Bowl has become a cultural festival in America, one that involves copious amounts of food and alcohol. Those who host a Super Bowl party should be aware that if they are not careful, they will be sending alcohol-impaired drivers out on the roads. To avoid that, here are some party hints:

  • Provide non-alcoholic drinks: In addition to the beer, be sure to have water and non-alcoholic drinks out. You’d be surprised how many people drink less if there’s another option around.
  • Serve food: Have some hearty food available — not just chips and snacks — and encourage people to eat. A full stomach slows alcohol absorption in one’s system.
  • Collect car keys: Have a bowl into which people deposit their car keys. This gives you some leverage if someone with a few too many beers under his or her belt wants to drive.
  • Appoint a designated driver: Keep track of anyone who isn’t drinking, and request their services as designated driver. Most people are happy to pitch in.
  • Rides, rides, rides: If you know you are going to have tipsy guests, plan ahead. Have a designated driver collect them before the game, so there’s no temptation to drive. Otherwise, have the number of a taxi or ride share service handy.

Football-fansYou want this Super Bowl to be memorable, not just as a game, but as a get-together with friends as well. Make sure those friends get home in one piece as well, by doing a bit of planning.

You can’t prevent injuries on the field, but drunk driving is fully preventable, on Super Bowl Sunday and every day of the year.