Alcohol Treatment Options For DWI/DUI Offenders

In most states, a DUI offender must attend an alcohol education course or treatment program before their license and driving privileges are restored back to them. This process helps people who may need to figure out their issues with alcohol before being allowed to get back behind the wheel.   If you have questions about “how much is too much” when it comes to your drinking, find out more here.

Today, laws regarding alcohol evaluations and mandatory alcohol treatment are enforced in 45 states of the US after the first drunk driving incident.

There are numerous types of alcohol treatment programs available. Many are court ordered but often times if the person has a particular program in mind that would benefit them, it is certainly worth mentioning to the judge. Listed below are a few types of treatment options available to those who are court-ordered.

If you are trying to decide what treatment option is best for you, the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism is a terrific resource.  There are many useful tools on the site, including interactive worksheets and  calculators, including the Cleveland Clinic’s BAC Calculator.  The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration offers a treatment locator as well as information on the types of treatment and how to pay for alcohol treatment.

Many state have agencies specifically licensed to provide assessment and treatment to DUI/DWI/OWI offenders.  Our state pages have links where available.

One of the most widely known abstinence based treatment programs in the world is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).  AA members must follow the 12 steps and attend weekly meetings that will help them overcome alcohol. This form of treatment is outpatient and the person does not need to leave their home to receive help. For many this can mean attending up to 7 meetings a week. AA has a self-reported success rate of 5%, although many members do drop out after the first month. For those who stay, AA is considered a lifelong recovery program for alcohol use.  You can use their website to find a local meeting.

If you find yourself in need of treatment, know that there are many options available, including behavioral therapy and medication assisted treatment.    Recovery is possible, and we encourage you to seek out resources that can help.