AMI and NHTSA Partner for Halloween DUI Jukebox Campaign

AMI Halloween DUI jukebox quizJukeboxes in bars usually stay in the background. They play tunes, but they’re not known for taking a stand on issues.

That changes this Halloween. AMI has partnered with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to help all the people who are out celebrating this weekend get home safely and avoid a Halloween DUI. And they’re using the medium of the digital jukebox to do it.

What can a jukebox do? AMI’s digital jukeboxes will be running an “Impaired Driving IQ Quiz” that tests a user’s knowledge of issues involving alcohol and driving. Those who pass the test win a free song.

The partnership is part of NHTSA’s Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving campaign, which has for years been educating people – particularly young people – on the dangers of driving with an amount of alcohol that might not seem enough to be dangerous.  In fact, that “buzz” is enough to diminish one’s driving skills, judgment, and reaction time.

jukeboxIt’s not a bad idea – taking the Halloween DUI message right to the bar. Apart from a beer coaster, and perhaps a poster in the bathroom, there aren’t many places in a bar to encourage people to plan a safe ride home. And a bar is a good place to do it – though it’s even better to do it before you get to the bar.

The quiz will appear on AMI jukeboxes from coast to coast, featuring local numbers to call to get a safe ride home. We hope AMI tries similar ideas during different holidays, and that NHTSA keeps thinking of more ways to spread the message to make a plan, drive sober, and be safe.