Amish Teen Gets DUI While Driving – You Guessed It – a Buggy.

drunk driving in buggy illegalThe Amish are known for many things, but drinking is not one of them. And drunk driving?  It’s hard to imagine, but it just happened in Pennsylvania.

The Amish are a strict religious sect whose members refuse to adopt the modern conveniences such as electricity, cars and television. Such devices, they believe, would weaken the traditions which form the bonds that unite the community. And they’re probably right.

Alcohol, though, is not considered a modern convenience. And while it is not generally forbidden, most Amish communities use it sparingly.

So how does all that add up to a drunk driving arrest? We’ll introduce one more element: teenagers. An 18-year old in a horse and buggy was stopped by police because two of his passengers chose to ride on the roof.   The passengers, as it turned out, had also been drinking. All were 20 or under.

As we’ve noted before, you can get a DUI on a riding mower, a Segway, a snowmobile, or a golf cart. A horse and buggy is also a dangerous enough vehicle to warrant DUI charges. The reason is that alcohol impairs the judgement that is needed to operate any heavy vehicle safely. So the buggy DUI makes perfect sense.

Thanks to the Amish sense of community such incidents are rare. But it’s good to bear in mind that if you’re driving anything with wheels or hooves, don’t drink.