Annual Reese Joye Memorial DUI Seminar

Annual Reese Joye Memorial DUI SeminarThe South Carolina Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers will hold their Annual Reese Joye Memorial DUI Seminar this November 8th, 2013 from 8:30 am to 5:30pm. Located in the Marriott Hotel in Columbia, South Carolina, this seminar is a must-attend for litigators who are invested in DUI law.

The seminar is named for Reese Joye, a South Carolina attorney who passed away in 2008. A leading expert in DUI Law, Joye co-wrote several books on DUI and the law as well as making a national name for himself defending DUI cases.

Speakers at the event include John L. Drennan, a practicing DUI lawyer from South Carolina and a member of National College for DUI Defense Inc., Joseph M. McCulloch Jr., a criminal lawyer from Columbia, South Carolina who has devoted much of his career to DUI defense, and Heath Taylor, a lawyer and former Assistant Prosecutor who focuses on DUI defense.

Topics covered at the Annual Reese Joye Memorial DUI Seminar will include ‘How to Win with a Guilty Plea,’ and ‘Overcoming Personal Adversity.’