Welcome to LifeSafer: Auto Specialists of Milford Connecticut

Auto-Specialists-Milford-CT-LifeSafer1In Connecticut, one auto repair shop that won’t leave you hanging is Auto Specialists of Milford. Since 1997, motorists all over the state have depended on Auto Specialists for every kind of auto work, from oil changes and brakes to engine swaps and transmissions. Now Auto Specialists of Milford is a proud provider of LifeSafer ignition interlocks.

Auto Specialists will take care of all of your interlock needs, from installation to training to regular monitoring appointments.  They ‘ll take it as their mission to see that you get back on the road  legally and safely.

muscle carWith four bays and three experienced technicians, the shop has the resources to handle any kind of job. “We’re a family shop – we treat everyone like family,” says proprietor Eddie V, who has been known to get out of bed at midnight to tow a customer in distress. When they do a job, it’s all in writing, so that the customer knows what’s been done and what to expect.  That’s probably why they serve motorists all over the state – from Mystic to Litchfield and beyond. They’re known for going that extra mile for customers.

To get to Auto Specialists from Route 95, take exit 34 and go right on Route 1.  Naugatuck Avenue is the fifth light. And know that you, your ignition interlock, and your vehicle in the best possible hands.

If you’re near Milford Connecticut or anywhere in the state and you need an ignition interlock, call 888-812-9495 or go here to get started online today.