Avoid Leaving Pets Unattended in Vehicles this Summer

Avoid Leaving Pets Unattended in Vehicles this SummerJust like people, animals enjoy the warm summer months. With so many dog parks and doggie beaches to choose from, it’s easy to pack up Fido and take him or her for a day out. But there are hazards to consider when traveling with your pet from place to place, with the number one danger being leaving pets unattended in vehicles.

Even if you park in the shade, crack the windows, and have water available, during the hot summer months the interior of your car can feel like the inside of an oven for your pet. Leaving pets unattended in vehicles has become such a problem that many states have laws prohibiting you from doing so. In Arizona for example, confining your pet to your vehicle can result in your being charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor. California will fine you $100 per pet for your first offense, and increases your fines to a minimum of $500 and possible jail time of up to 6 months if your pet suffers bodily injury while in your vehicle.

This summer, practice ‘pet common sense’ by never leaving your pet unattended in your vehicle. If you do need to take your pet out with you, be sure to take them out of the car when you leave the car, shop in pet friendly stores, and consider doggy daycare or kenneling if you need to have your pet with you but can’t take them inside.