Brilliant PSA Shows “Acceptable” Number of Road Deaths

You can devise a PSA that tries to convince everyone that road deaths need to stop. Or you can truly convince one person, and film it. That’s what an organization called Towards Zero did in Victoria, Australia.

The film was local but the message universal. Watch it now.

The gentleman in the film, whose named was Francisco, turned out to be a good, if unwitting, spokesman for Towards Zero, which aims to end road deaths in Victoria, one of Australia’s most populous states and the one which includes the city of Melbourne. If all of their efforts are conceived and executed with this kind of originality and zeal, then we have high hopes that they will achieve their goal.

The video about the making of this road safety PSA is worth a look too. And the message – there’s no one someone won’t miss – an idea we should all remember. Kudos to Towards Zero. They conclude that lesser goals – “bringing down the number of deaths” or “reducing the death toll” – are not nearly ambitious enough.