Britain’s Think! Campaign Returns with a Superb Drunk Driving PSA

Your Hump-day Recess

Frankly, when we hear about another drunk driving PSA we’re always worried that we’ll be watching a scarefest that fails to convey any meaningful message beyond the obvious one that drunk driving can end in a horrible crash. Think!, the road safety campaign by the UK’s Department of Transport, has eased our worries from day one. Their ads are always interesting and thought-provoking – even as they convey the idea that yes, drunk driving can end in a horrible crash. Here’s one of their latest:

What makes this drunk driving PSA good? (You agree that it’s good, right?) First of all, it’s realistic. The situation that Brendan finds himself in is exactly one that all too often results in drunk driving. He is faced with the choice of disappointing his wife or driving drunk. That’s a real temptation that people face, and the ad doesn’t downplay it. Brendan faces the consequences of angering his wife – banishment to the spare room – and does so willingly.

The point, made so well, is that no matter how much you think you’ll mess up your life by not driving drunk, it doesn’t compare to the consequences if you do.

Second of all, the ad keeps its humor while not letting go of the reality of drunk driving – the specter of the crash that always lurks behind things.

Here’s a second ad in the Think! campaign that highlights another temptation – the desire to impress a boss by drinking. Once again, the upshot is that the hero must suffer, but it’s worth it.

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