Hump Day Recess: Buzzed Driving Gets You Busted in More Ways Than One

On Hump Day Recess we’ve offered a number of witty anti-drunk driving ads that stress the various drawbacks of a DUI that go beyond the outright physical danger. One of the most popular themes in these ads is the social and financial cost of a drunk driving conviction. Legal fees, fines, lost jobs, broken relationships, and all the attendant hassles of being caught at drunk driving — or buzzed driving, which is the same thing — make a compelling case for not doing it. Here’s how the Ad Council boiled it down to 30 seconds:

It’s probably sad that we need to resort to alternative reasons for giving up buzzed driving: the danger to oneself and others should be enough. But humans are not always rational, so any argument that works is worth using. For young people especially, the thought of an incomprehensibly large expense, coupled with the social stigma, makes a good case for driving sober.

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