DUI Suspect Crashes Into Car Showroom. Leaves Without New Car.

california dui cost - dealership crashA drunk driver who crashes is probably in need of a new car. But driving onto the roof of a vehicle at the showroom is not the way to speed up the purchase process.

Recently in Poway, California a driver in a Honda Civic ran a red light, hit a Toyota pickup truck, and then barreled through a chain link fence. The Honda then launched into the air and damaged one car before landing on the roof of another one.

The Honda driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Incidentally, the driver of the Toyota pickup fled the scene, and had to be tracked down and cited for hit-and-run. Go figure.

Despite his early entrance into a car dealership, the Honda driver might not have an easy time getting a new car. For one thing, he’ll have less money. Fines, attorney fees, impound fees, and bail take a sizable chunk out of one’s wallet, leaving less for a new Fiesta (we presume he’ll stick to Ford, now that he’s made the switch). A California DUI costs a lot.

Expenses will also be higher once the DUI is settled. The driver probably won’t be eligible for standard car insurance after a DUI conviction; he’ll need SR-22 insurance, which is a lot pricier, and he’ll need it for 3 years.

And something tells us that this particular Ford dealer won’t be interested in selling a car to the driver in question. So he’ll have to take the company’s advice and “Go Further.”