Your Hump-Day Recess: Can Beautiful Faces Prevent Drunk Driving?

These days road safety organizations are all trying to answer the same question: how to you persuade young people not to drink and drive? Drivers in the teen-through-late-20s years have the highest rates of alcohol-related crashes, which means these people aren’t paying as much attention to the stern warnings that are out there. Trying a different tack, Maryland made this PSA:

What’s interesting here is the spoken message: “With more cops out there, don’t risk a DUI. Let someone take you home tonight.” As we’ve noted before, many anti-drunk driving campaigns are forgoing the lectures about crashes, injury, death, and the sheer recklessness of impaired driving, and focusing on other priorities. It might be the expense of a DUI, the social costs, or, in this case, the sheer likelihood of an arrest happening.

And that likelihood is indeed high. Thanks to federal incentive grants and stricter legislation, drunk drivers have a greater chance than every of getting caught.

So, if you are young and beautiful, do the beautiful thing. Use a designated driver, and stay beautiful (and, incidentally, out of jail).

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