Canadian Province Proposes Law Changes

The Government of Prince Edward Island in Canada has introduced amendments that would toughen current drunk driving laws.

The amendments would improve several parts of the current law, including changes to the ignition interlock program.

Canada Ignition Interlock LawIf the proposed amendment becomes law, first-time impaired driving offenders would be required to install an ignition interlock device (IID) on their motor vehicle. Currently IIDs are only required for repeat offenders.

The amendment would also increase the amount of time an IID is required:

  • One year for a first offense;
  • Two years for a second offense;
  • Five years for a third offense;
  • One additional year for any offender with a minor in the vehicle at the time of arrest.

The amendment would also require longer vehicle impoundments when an impaired driving offense is a repeat offense and/or causes death or bodily harm.

The Price Edward Island amendments are applauded and endorsed by MADD Canada. MADD Canada’s National President Denise Dubyk says, “These proposed amendments – particularly the interlock provisions – are very important tools that will decrease impaired driving numbers.”

We at LifeSafer also applaud Prince Edward Island for proposing these new laws. If passed, countless lives will be saved.