Some Attendees at Cincinnati Auto Expo Will Be Ethanol-Fueled

cincinnati-auto-expo-beer-carMost trade shows draw people in that particular trade. The Funeral Times trade show is where funeral directors catch up on the latest coffin styles and embalming tech. Sigep, the International Exhibition of Gelato, Pastry, Confectionery and Bakery, is where serious sugar pushers go to learn which cakes will be the sweets of choice this season.

But cars? Everyone wants to go see the new cars. Auto shows draw industry insiders, mechanics, musicians, students, ear, nose and throat experts – anyone who has stepped on the gas and felt the thrill of acceleration. So the Cincinnati Auto Expo is ethanol-fueled this year – it will feature a beer and wine garden to appeal to just about anyone over 21 who drinks.

Those of you who read The Clear Road regularly might think about the contradiction here: beer and cars do not mix. But the organizers have thought of that. Anyone who wants to take a test drive must take a breathalyzer test first.

More Breathalyzers Equals More Awareness

All in all, offering drinks and then breathalyzing prospective test drivers is a great idea. The presence of the alcohol gives tacit permission for the breath test, something which might have seemed out of left field otherwise.

More important, a lot of people are going to learn what their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels are after one or two (or three) beers. Our guess is that some of those prospective car customers will be turned away because of too-high BAC levels.

If people leave the Cincinnati Auto Expo knowing not just how the new hybrids work but how their own system processes alcohol, then the event can be called a success, not just for car marketing, but for road safety as well. Let’s have more breathalyzers at more events of all types where alcohol is served.  Knowledge is power.