Click It or Ticket – National Enforcement for Passenger Safety

Click It or Ticket Seat belts save lives – it’s a simple fact that is well known across the United States. Yet despite the statistics on traffic fatalities caused by people without seat belts, many Americans still fail to buckle up. That’s why national campaigns like Click It or Ticket are in place, and this year’s 2014 Click It or Ticket kicks off May 12th and will be in full swing until May 26th, 2014.

There are many myths about seat belt safety, and the Click It or Ticket campaign works to remove any doubt drivers and passenger have about seat belts. Did you know in SUVs and pickup trucks, wearing your seat belt could reduce your risk of a fatal injury in a crash by 60%? Or that 62% of rural passengers between the ages of 18-34 were unbuckled and killed at night? By far the most sobering statistic involves passengers ejected from vehicles, with 77% suffering a fatal injury that could have been prevented by a seat belt.

Over the last five years, the two-week period for the Click It or Ticket campaign resulted in over 3 million seat belt citations. That’s a lot of lives potentially saved should those people take their citation and see it as motivation to change their ways. The bottom line? When you drive, be sure to always buckle up.