Landlord on Craigslist Advertises Unique Benefit of House: No DUI

What do you look for in a rental house? Space? Convenience? A gas range? Proximity to a bus stop? One Knoxville landlord decided to attract renters with a different proposition: live within walking distance of bars downtown and never get a DUI.


The ad’s headline refers to Knoxville’s Old City, a lively and trendy area known for its bars and restaurants. Clearly the owner is looking for a drinker who hasn’t thought about how your address can land you in jail.

It’s worth considering. Most advice on avoiding a DUI centers around actions you take on the day you’re going out to the bar: designating a driver, clicking on a rideshare app, or taking public transportation. But if you go out drinking often, it makes sense to think about where you choose to live. Why not look for a location that makes it easy to get home on foot, or barring that, public transport?

Let’s Start a Trend

Our advice to landlords: if your property offers this benefit, advertise it! The practice could catch on. Eventually renters would incorporate the likelihood of a DUI into their decision. “This house has one more room, but I’d be more likely to go to jail. That house costs $50 more per month, but DUI attorneys, court fees and fines are more…”

How long before you can enter “DUI” – or perhaps “No DUI” – into an apartment search engine and find out which dwellings place you within walking distance of a drink? Not that we want to encourage drinking, but anything that takes drunk driving off the table is a good idea.