Driving Drunk, She Crashed Into … a Liquor Store?

crashed-into-liquor-storePeople who drive drunk find themselves in unusual situations. Asleep at fast food drive-ins. Stranded on fire hydrants.  And sometimes sitting amidst rubble after misjudging a turn. But rarely is the place they end up as appropriate as the one that a woman in North Stonington, Connecticut landed in. According to news reports she crashed into a liquor store while driving under the influence.

Fortunately, no one was hurt this time, because the only person in the path of destruction, a store employee, managed to get out of the way.

What happens now? That will depend on the history of the offender. Connecticut requires an ignition interlock – a device which prevents a vehicle from starting if the driver has been drinking – for all DUI offenses, including first offenses for any driver whose BAC (blood alcohol concentration) was over the legal limit of .08 at th etime of arrest. The device must be installed for a year after a 45-day suspension period.

Moreover, the state of Connecticut’s ignition interlock laws specify compliance-based removal: the device will not be removed until a set period of time has passed without any violations.

Apart from the interlock, Connecticut can impose jail, fines, license suspension, and other penalties. The destruction of the property might be an issue as well.

Which is why driving under the influence is unwise.  It could be a liquor store or a house – and liquor stores do get hit from time to time – but it could also be another car or a pedestrian who ends up stopping the drunk driver’s car. That’s a lot worse than an unusual situation. It’s  a tragic one.