In Dearborn, Michigan, Summer is for Safe Driving

Summer is the season when people jump into their cars to get away. The police of Dearborn, Michigan are resolved that its citizens also return – safe and sound. Last week the Dearborn Police Department kicked off its drive-safely-in-michigansummer Safe Driving Initiative. The purpose of the event is to make drivers, particularly young drivers, aware of practices that can make the difference between a cheerful summer drive and a tragedy.

Summer was chosen for this event because school is out, and Dearborn’s roads are full of inexperienced drivers. More than 5,000 teens and young adults are killed each year in road accidents.

Some of the tips offered to young people at the Safe Driving Initiative kickoff event last week:dearborn-police

  • Slow down – taking 5 mph off can make a big difference in reaction time
  • Limit the number of passengers – too many can divide a young driver’s attention
  • Don’t text – distracted driving kills
  • Don’t drink – it is obvious, but it can’t be repeated too often. Alcohol and driving is a lethal mixture that claims too many young lives

Michigan has strict OWI laws, including a lower breath alcohol concentration (BAC) limit for drivers under 21 who are arrested for impaired driving. Ignition interlock devices, which prevent a car from starting if the driver has been drinking, are required for most offenses. The idea of the Safe Driving Initiative is to educate Michigan drivers so that they never have to confront those laws first-hand.