Designated Driver Programs are available across the USA

designated driver programsWhen it comes to preventing drinking and driving, the designated driver programs available across the USA are becoming an important part of community programs designed to keep people from behind the wheel after drinking.

Some designated driver programs are run publicly, with funding providing paid drivers to ensure people get home safely after a night out. Others are volunteer based. ‘Team Lift’ is a designated driving program where you are picked up by two people in their own vehicle and driven safely home while you get a ride with them.  There is also a ‘Scooter approach,’ where your driver arrives on a scooter that folds up into your car trunk. The scooter gives him a ride to his next stop after driving your car

No matter which program you choose to use, the most important benefit is that, with a little pre-planning, everyone gets home safely and no one gets behind the wheel impaired and becomes a danger to others. Choose your next designated driver by looking online for Designated Driver Services.