Designated Driver Programs

Designated Driver Programs are KeyLifeSafer is all about creating safer communities, so we want to make sure everyone knows not only about the benefits of our Ignition Interlocks, but about the benefits of other programs working towards the same goal of keeping the roads safer by reducing drinking and driving.

Nine out of 10 Americans who participate in social events where alcohol is available believe that people should use designated drivers. The only requirement is that people plan ahead and either select one person to refrain from drinking alcohol or arrange for a safe ride home. Designating a sober driver in situations when alcohol is present is something that should always be practiced rather than risk a DUI arrest. There are actions and devices in existence to keep people from drinking and driving such as abstinence and Ignition Interlocks, but Designated Driver Programs are a smart alternative.

We all know that the Designated Driver idea typically promotes the concept of designating a sober driver, someone from your circle of friends or family that agrees in advance of the event to remain sober. However, there are community-based services out there for those who don’t normally have access to a sober driver. Some are privately funded while others are run through public-private partnerships.

These companies will actually get both you and your car home safely.  These usually work through either a ’Team Lift’ or a ’Scooter’ method. Team Lift is where two people come to where you are in their vehicle.    One drives you home in your car while the other follows in their car.  They get you home and then both ride off together in their car. The Scooter approach is where a driver arrives on a special scooter that folds up and fits into a nice, compact carrying bag.  He stows the scooter in your trunk and drives you home in your car.  Then he unpacks his scooter and rides off to his next client. Another way designated driver services can work is by membership.  These companies, both commercial and non-profit, serve the general community.

A good place to check to see if a Designated Driver Program is available in your area is They keep a national list of Designated Driver Services.  You should always contact these companies before you need them to make sure you understand how your local service works.

It’s always smart to be aware of all your alternatives to driving under the influence. We regularly see the consequences of the decision to drink and drive.  A little thought in planning your night out could save you the frustration, embarrassment and financial burden of a DUI.  If you plan on drinking, LifeSafer encourages you to plan ahead.  By acting responsibly you help keep your community safer.