BeMyDD: Designated Drivers to Get You — And Your Car — Home Safely This Holiday

Not too many years ago you had to rely on a taxi or an indulgent friend to help you out if you wanted to drink and not drive over the holidays. Now we have a wealth of services to help you make the right decision. If you’re out having holiday drinks with friends, and there is no designated driver, you can just open up a number of smartphone apps to call a taxi or ride service to bring you home. And that’s fine.

But if you drove to get to the gathering, you have a question to answer: how will my car get home?

designated-driver-nightBeMYDD is a designated driver service that offers a key advantage to people who are partying away from home. The service sends experienced drivers to you to drive you home in your own car. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing that you’ll always be able to make it home safely – with no logistics problems the next day figuring out how to get back to your car.

If you’re the party host, you’ll be able to take advantage of BeMyDD too. You can arrange for the service to send a team of drivers to ferry all of your revelers home. It’s a great way to ensure that your guests can drink without worrying about the drive home.

BeMYDD is available in a number of US cities.

If we’re working toward a post-drinking-and-driving age, its hero is the designated driver. Whether paid or unpaid, professional or amateur, the DD is a friend to all motorists.

If you are out during the holidays and have had a few, remember that there’s no excuse to drink and drive. Call on a friend, use public transport or a taxi, or designate a driver in your group. Kudos to BeMyDD for adding to the number of ways to get you and your car home safely.