Your Hump-Day Recess:Dramatic Buzzed Driving PSA

Over these last months, our Hump Day Recess has featured a number of anti-drunk driving messages of different types. We’ve praised the various departures from the traditional “scare” ad – messages that work through humor, or by thinking through the other consequences of drunk driving (personal, financial, social), rather than just the dangers.

But occasionally it’s good to be reminded of the dangers. From Texas, which has a reputation for intriguing ads promoting sober driving, comes an ad aimed at millennials. The subject is buzzed driving – the practice of driving after one has drunk enough to get a slight “buzz” – a relaxed feeling that does not feel like true impairment, but definitely is. Also embedded in the ad is the idea of interruption – that one accident changes everything in life: friendships, plans, good times. Well done, Texas Department of Transportation.

Your Hump Day Recess: Every Wednesday LifeSafer brings you something a little different, related to the worlds of road safety, to ease your progress over Hump Day and through the week.

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