Michigan Driver Swerves, Misses Deer, Catches OWI.

misses deer gets michigan owi Anyone who drives on rural roads knows the perils of deer. They spring silently out onto the road and cause havoc. And such havoc happens often – around every 39 minutes, in fact, and mostly on 2-lane roads.

It’s always good to drive slowly on rural roads to allow for brake time, especially at dusk when wildlife are on the move. And if a collision with an animal is inevitable, as it sometimes is, we’re told that the best advice is not to swerve – just brake and hit the poor deer head-on (unless it is a moose, which can weigh half a ton).

A woman in Leelanau County, Michigan didn’t follow this advice recently. She saw the deer, swerved, and crashed into a tree in Glen Arbor Township.

The problem was that she had been drinking at the time. Did that influence the collision? We don’t know. Many sober people make the wrong decision and swerve to save a deer, causing serious harm to driver, passengers or others on the road. But this incident reveals a fact that many drivers do not know: if you are involved in a collision while under the influence, than that incident will be deemed alcohol-related, even if you are not at fault. You might or might not be ruled the cause of the collision, but you’ll still be guilty of drinking and driving. In this case, a Michigan OWI was the result.

So if another person makes a bad left turn and cuts you off, causing a fender-bender with you, if a breathalyzer shows that you’re under the influence, you will probably face charges, fines, punishment, an insurance hike, and possibly an ignition interlock requirement. The presence of alcohol changes everything.

Deer are fast. You can watch for them, but sometimes they jump out too fast to avoid a crash.

What you can do is avoid a Michigan OWI. Don’t drink and drive – that will keep you ahead of the game.