Update: Driving Drunk Is Not Any Safer With a Lizard in Your Bra

Your Hump-Day Recess: Another Folk Remedy Bites the Dust

driving-drunk-with-lizardIt’s long been accepted wisdom that if you are driving drunk, the way to get home safely is to stuff a bearded dragon lizard in your bra. A recent crash in Taunton, Massachusetts seems to call this age-old piece of advice into question.

Amy Rebello-McCarthy was driving with a friend on Staple Street with a blood alcohol level just shy of double the legal limit of .08., which might not have been a problem had the lizard done its job. But the power of in-bra reptiles to control vehicles is apparently overrated: Rebello-McCarthy knocked over 6 mailboxes, shredded all four of her tires, and ripped her bumpers off.

Her passenger was not a great deal of help – he wasn’t able to recall his first or last name.

New, Non-Lizard Strategy Needed for OUI

Since bearded dragon lizards don’t help, it’s important to work out a strategy that does if you are drinking. One idea is not to drink and drive. This simple procedure, followed by millions of sensible people, has saved countless lives since the dawn of the motoring age.

Sometimes this strategy requires a bit more forethought than inserting an Australian reptile into one’s underwear. It usually requires one of the following:

  • Calling a taxi or a rideshare.
  • Designating a driver before the evening starts. That person does not drink at all, and performs chauffeuring duties. Lizards do not count as designated drivers.
  • Walking or taking public transportation.

There might be other animals which, when placed in a bra, are able to help a drunk driver keep control of a vehicle and drive safely. So far none has been found, and to be honest, we’re not very confident that any will. Until this area of study turns up something, the safest bet for avoiding broken mailboxes, shredded tires, ripped bumpers as well as jail, fines, ignition interlock requirements and an OUI record is to not drink and drive.

Sorry to burst your bubble. We know you were counting on the lizard Friday night.

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