Driving This Memorial Day? Here’s Something to Make You Stop and Think

Memorial Day Drivers Are Running Red LightsTraffic advisories are pretty common as Memorial Day approaches. We all know that the roads are crowded; in fact, this year the AAA predicts that more people than ever will be on the highways, driving at least 50 miles.

You might have been warned about the Fatal 4: the four driving practices that lead to the most highway deaths each memorial day:

  • Speeding
  • Not wearing seat belts
  • Impaired driving
  • Distracted driving

If you know all this, perhaps this is something you don’t know.  More red light violations occur on Memorial Day than any other day. Drivers are impatient to get to their holiday destinations, and are more likely to jump the gun at intersections. Crashes at intersections number in the millions each year, and about 20 percent of all traffic deaths occur at them.

Police everywhere will be on the lookout for people who are driving too fast or carelessly, and DUI patrols will be out. However, there is no way that police can guard every intersection, so if you are out and about this weekend, whether on a holiday trip or just driving to the store, take extra care at intersections. Stop and look, and look again.

And once you’re through the intersection, be extra vigilant this weekend. There are just too many drivers on the roads, and many are on unfamiliar roads. Cars are full of noisy families, which can distract drivers. Some drivers will be tired and inattentive, and some, of course, will have been drinking. They won’t be watching out for you, so you need to watch for them.

In short: don’t speed, buckle up, don’t drink and drive, rest if you’re tired, and stay focused on the road ahead. Those four things will enable you to have a good Memorial Day weekend and then get you safely into next week.

Have a safe holiday weekend.