Drizly App May Reduce DUI This Summer

DrizlySummer is here and with warmer temperatures comes summer parties and long weekends spent out on patios and in backyards. Because alcohol is the drink of choice for many during these hot summer weekends, the summer is among the most deadly times to be on the road. Even if you’re just doing a quick run to the liquor store for more alcohol, if you’ve had one too many, that quick trip to pick up more beer or wine could result in a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction.

Drizly, a mobile lifestyle app, may keep people in their homes and off the roads this summer by providing delivery service of beer, wine, and liquor straight to your doorstep. All a consumer has to do is download the app to their smartphone and, with a few simple taps, have their order sent straight over in 40 minutes to 1 hour.

But a word of advice for underage drinkers – you must be of legal drinking age to download the app. Drizly Delivery drivers will also authenticate and validate IDs using the Drizly ‘Forensic ID Verification System,’ a proprietary technology that was designed to meet law enforcement standards.

Although consumers may see door side alcohol delivery as a convenience, the hidden benefit of Drizly is that it may keep drinking drivers off the roads this summer. By eliminating those quick trips to the liquor store to restock after having one or two drinks, an app like Drizly could save lives by reducing DUI crashes.

Said to be the ‘Amazon for Alcohol’ Drizly is available in Boston, Chicago, New York City, The Hamptons, and a growing number of cities in the USA. During the busy summer driving season, anything that works to keep drinking drivers off the roads will be a good thing for public safety.