Treatment Courts for DUI/OWI/DWI

If someone you love is being charged for a drug-related offense and you’re concerned about them truly getting help within the judicial system, your best option is to familiarize yourself with Drug Courts. Drugs Courts are an alternative to the traditional court system, and provide drug-addicted individuals with the intensive, one-on-one treatment they need to kick their drug habit and fulfill their court-ordered obligations.

Within the Justice system, Drug Courts are proving to be far and way the most effective way to deal with drug-addicted individuals. Once someone is sent to a Drug Court for judicial processing, they are randomly tested for drug use, kept in a treatment program for as long as is required to become clean and sober, and are continually required to appear in Court so they are accountable for their pathway to sobriety.

Statistics prove that Drug Courts work on a nationwide level. In fact, 75% of the graduates of Drug Court are arrest-free for two years after they have completed their requirements. As well, Drug Courts are six times more likely to hold those with drug problems accountable for their actions because it works to keep them within the treatment system long enough to maintain sobriety on a long term basis.

For the best chance of success, Drug Courts are an important judicial option to research when struggling to assist a drug-addicted individual.