Drunk Driver Bites Cop. There’s More, But That About Says It.

alcohol impairs judgement - causes woman to bite copOnce again, the signs were all there: it was night. The Jeep sedan’s lights weren’t on. And the Jeep was veering across the center lane. Any police officer would count those as signs of possible impairment, and so the officer had the vehicle pull over on Route 31 South in New Jersey for a routine DUI traffic stop.

The stop was justified: the driver, one Sonia Padmore, turned out to be intoxicated, but what happened next was not routine. The driver, who was not interested in being handcuffed, bit the policeman on each of his hands.

Drivers are told not to drink and drive because it hampers their coordination and their vision.  However, alcohol impairs judgement as well. That means that drivers are not able to decide if it’s safe to pull out into traffic, or to turn left across an oncoming lane, or to judge the speed of other cars (or their own) or the distance of pedestrians.

And it makes them unable to assess the inadvisability of biting a police officer who is arresting them.

Once on each hand.

In this case, driving drunk with an 11-year-old in the car compounded her recklessness. The prosecutor’s charges included drunk driving, aggravate assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, child endangerment, driving without headlights, failing to stay inside a traffic lane, and some others too distasteful to name.

Driving, like life, takes good judgement. When we say that alcohol impairs judgement, we mean that it robs one of the ability to judge pretty much anything.  The news regularly churns out stories of drunk drivers who prove beyond doubt that they don’t possess the judgement to drive, because they can’t even judge how to behave at a traffic stop.

Proof that if you don’t use good judgement and plan your sober ride home, it could come back to bite you.