Drunk Driver Crashes $4 Million Car [Insert Anguished Wail Here]

Your Hump-Day Recess: Around the Bend

All cars are subject to certain forces, among them thrust, drag, gravity, and stupidity. When someone drives a car using an excess of the first or last, the results are what you see in the video. But you already know what a drunk driver can do to a vehicle – you’ve seen that plenty of times. What makes this video rare is the car: a Swedish supercar called a Koenigsegg Agera R that retails for a little over $4 million, rust coating extra. Only 18 of them were made.

The driver was apparently under the influence, since he was reported to be driving erratically down a Shanghai road before he did this:

There will be a short pause as you howl in anguish for the car.

Incidentally, the Koenigsegg Agera is known for its advanced stability control, which makes it very hard to spin. But humans have very little stability control when they are full of alcohol. The point: even the most advanced safety technology – and $4 million buys a lot of it – is useless if you have poor coordination, bad judgment, and compromised hearing and vision. That, in a nutshell, is what makes a drunk driver into owner of a $4 million pile of Swedish scrap.

The driver appears to have been well-protected, so the loss is purely financial. And we presume that anyone that can afford a $4 million dollar car can afford to replace it. But the driver will have to face China’s harsh DUI  laws. If he was indeed over the .o8 limit, he’s facing 3 years in prison and a license suspension of 5 years. They don’t have ignition interlocks in China, incidentally, and it’s not clear how one would go with the leather, aluminum and carbon fiber interior. But LifeSafer has some skilled installers who would be eager to put one in the driver’s next Koenigsegg Agera, should he get his hands on one of the 17 that remain in existence.

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