Man Stopped for DUI, Takes Bike Out of Trunk to Escape Cops

drunk driver escape by bicycleMost people, when stopped by police for drunk driving, cooperate. Occasionally a drunk driver compounds his or her bad decision by trying to evade the police. It almost never works, and often results in a collision. It always results in more charges and tougher consequences.

Recently a Connecticut drunk driver thought he could get away. Police pulled over David MaGuire for  weaving across the center line.  After stopping MaGuire got out of the car and walked towards the police car, shouting abusive language. Then he turned around, opened the trunk, and took out a bicycle.

Stunned police looked on as the suspect hopped on the bike and made a getaway – almost. In fact, he turned around and turned himself in.

Three Lessons for Drunk Drivers

This case looks like a one-off, something so weird and different that it can’t teach us anything about day-to-day drunk driving. But consider this:

  • He refused blood alcohol testing. In Connecticut this results in immediate license suspension.
  • In addition to DUI, MaGuire was charged with failure to keep right on a curve, disorderly conduct, and interfering with an officer – proof of how complicated a DUI can make your life.
  • Finally, he messed up on the bike too. When he tried his bicycle escape, he got another slammed with another charge of failing to keep to the right. Bicyclists are subject to road laws, and drunk bicyclists are no more able to control their vehicles than drunk motorists.

By all accounts, the bicycle represented  a pretty lame escape attempt, and the suspect knew it – before they could give pursuit he’d turned around and surrendered – if falling on the ground and shouting racial abuse counts as surrender.

Once you’re caught drunk driving, your future, at least for the short term, is set. You can look forward to fines and an ignition interlock –Connecticut has required all drunk drivers to install the devices since 2012. An ignition interlock, or car breathalyzer, prevents a vehicle from starting if the driver has been drinking.

The long term future for this offender is open to question. It depends on how the lessons sink in. But he probably realizes now that you can’t escape the consequences of a DUI – not on four wheels, not on two.