Drunk Driving in 1910 – Yes, They Did It, and Here’s Proof

Your Hump-Day Recess

Drunk driving has been with us a long time – about as long as driving has. It’s rare to find photographic evidence of it, but here it is, albeit somewhat contrived.

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This postcard was sent to a Miss A. Lyniss of Moscow, New York (now Leicester) in 1910. It features four party animals of the Taft administration chugging down booze in a car. The caption reads, “A blow out.” By coincidence, 1910 was the year New York became the first state to pass a law prohibiting “driving while intoxicated.”

Of course, the post card was meant as a jest, but it’s doubtful the joke would have meaning unless people did indeed drink and drive back then. In fact, the practice was already seen as a public safety problem, though it would not be for another 17 years that the first “breath analyzer” would be invented to aid law enforcement in cracking down on impaired driving. Our infographic on the history of drunk driving is here.

The accurate, reliable device known as the breathalyzer would not hit the market for well over 40 years, and it would be another 40 after that until the technology would be applied to the ignition interlock, which prevented a vehicle from starting if the driver had been drinking.

However, the most important development since Miss Lyniss received this post card has been the change in the public’s perception of drunk driving. Not that people don’t still find humor in it at times. But organizations like MADD and government agencies like NHTSA have brought home how serious the problem is. With a few exceptions, it’s been decades since drunk driving provided fodder for humor.

Some day kids will ask, “What’s a post card?” With luck, they’ll also ask, “What’s a drunk driver?”

Note: The car in the photo is a 1909 Reo Touring Car.

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