Infographic: A Guide to Drunk Driving Abbreviations

Busy as they are, police use a lot of abbreviations in the course of their work. If you are unfortunate enough to be arrested for drunk driving, you’ll see a lot of abbreviations on the report. This chart takes you through the most common ones, from start to finish. Let’s hope you don’t need to use it.


There is another abbreviation not on the graphic: IID, for Ignition Interlock Device. Sometimes called a Car Breathalyzer, this is an electronic device wired into a DUI offender’s ignition that prevents the vehicle from starting if the driver’s BAC is over a set limit. In some states the device is called a BAIID, for Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device. This can be ordered by the court after a conviction, or it can result automatically from the arrest – an ADLS, or Administrative Driver’s License Suspension.

Abbreviations make a police officer’s life easier, but the terms they stand for make a driver’s life difficult indeed. When you’re driving, keep your BAC to zero, avoid a DUI, and a police officer (PO) will not have PC to pull you over and administer the FST. Not drinking while driving, then, makes everything OK.

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