“I’m Drunk” – A Drunk Driving App That Has One Simple Aim

im-drunk-smartphone-appSmartphones were drafted into the drunk driving wars early on. They’re out to prove their efficacy in battle.

A number of states have officially sanctioned their own drunk driving app to help encourage or facilitate a smart decision after a night of drinking. Apps locate taxis for you, make it easier to call a friend for a ride, and help you bone up on the effects of alcohol at different BAC levels.

An Illinois native has just brought out an app that is designed to work all over the U.S. to prevent drunk driving. Called simply “I’m Drunk,” the app is simple to operate. If you’re drunk, just tap the app, enter your ZIP code, and you’ll be presented with choices for rides. The app has one simple goal: to get you home without a drunk driving arrest or worse, a crash.

The idea is to simplify the process as much as possible. After all, if you’re drunk, you aren’t in the mood to do lots of searching and communicating in order to get yourself home.
The app is available for Android and Apple devices.

smartphone-dui-appAs the creators note, how many choices you have will depend on where you are. Which is why the app can’t do the job alone: it’s up to all of us to publicize the need for alternatives to driving, including public transport and designated driver services.

Every tap of an app like this is a potential disaster avoided. We salute the creators of “I’m Drunk,” and we hope creative minds everywhere keep working on ways to take impaired drivers off the roads.