A Drunk Driving Bust As Seen Through a Smartphone

Your Hump-day Recess: #ReachingMillennials

When the Ad Council puts together public service announcements, it keeps demographics in mind. In terms of drunk driving, that demographic skews young. Though people of all ages drink and drive, the highest percentage of fatal crashes involving impaired drivers is in the 21 to 24 age group, followed by the 25-34 group. Those two segments account for more than half of alcohol-related road fatalities in this country.

With that brief, the Ad Council and NHTSA decided to look at a drunk driving bust through the eyes of Millennials. Here’s a message that uses the language of the smartphone to get its point across: Snapchat, hashtags, texting, and emojis.


The ad stresses the “buzzed driving is drunk driving” message that seems to be the one that young people have the hardest time believing. At that age our faculties – vision, hearing, reflexes, coordination – are at their most acute. It can be hard for someone so capable to accept that they can’t do something as simple as driving.

Messages aimed at “young people” have a checkered history. Some are downright embarrassing, but some have used sharp humor and logic to good effect. We doubt this particular ad is going to push the stats one way or the other, but it’s got a worthy message and doesn’t condescend, so as far as we’re concerned it makes the grade.