Drunk Driving, Chainsaws, and Weird Ads

Your Hump-Day Recess

We love weird, funny ads. We love them when they’re about vacuum cleaners and tortilla chips, but we especially love ones with a message that matters. Over the years ad agencies, filmmakers and public safety organizations have tried to use humor to sell the idea that drunk driving is a bad idea. Here’s a satirical message from the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Kids with chainsaws – what’s not to like?

As a bonus, here’s another message from CDOT, which hasn’t been quite as well received as their stoned driving ads of last year. It’s probably the sideburns and polyester suit: too soon.

Your Hump Day Recess: Every Wednesday LifeSafer brings you something a little different, related to the worlds of road safety, to ease your progress over Hump Day and through the week.
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