She Told Cop She Didn’t Know Drunk Driving Is Against the Law

surprised woman: OMG - I didn't know drunk driving is against the lawNot everyone keeps up with the latest news. But even if you aren’t sure who Rihanna’s new love interest is or if Orlando and Katy are still a thing, you should have a grasp of the basics.

Such a grasp was sorely lacking in a woman from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, who was stopped recently for erratic driving. The officer told her that she was being arrested for driving while intoxicated. Her reply: “Is that against the law in Ohio?”

Well, yes. Drunk driving is against the law, and it has been for some time. While there are places that do not explicitly ban drunk driving – Burkina Faso and Togo come to mind – most countries have pretty thoroughgoing prohibitions on the practice, including Ohio.

So why did she ask that question? Either:

  • She didn’t get the memo, or
  • She was so out of it she said the first thing that came into her head

The second possibility seems the most likely. And that’s a good reason why one should never drink and drive. Driving consists largely of doing the expected – rolling down the road, stopping at lights, turning corners at intersections. That’s difficult and dangerous enough when your vision, judgment, coordination and reaction times are off.

But there’s also the unexpected: a child running into the street,  a car failing to signal, a truck braking fast. Handling these surprises requires a clear head and good reflexes.

Could this woman handle that? She couldn’t even think up a good response to, “You’re under arrest.”

Please don’t drink and drive, wherever you are. Because drunk driving is against the law. And even where it’s not, you’re not equipped to handle what comes at you. Not in Ohio, and not even in Burkina Faso.