Drunk Driver Knocks Over 6 Port-a-Potties. What a Terrible Waste.

drunk driving leads to fallen port-a-potties
It was one of those nights that will live in infamy in Post Falls, Idaho. A man got in his car and decided to “do some doughnuts” in the snow.

What got into him? Besides alcohol, of course?

We’re not sure, but his stunt driving wasn’t as accurate as it should have been.  While making circles in the snow he knocked over six port-a-potties.

He was arrested for DUI and also for felony malicious injury to property.  That is actually a very serious charge, carrying a potential prison sentence of one to five years in Idaho.

Fortunately, no one was hurt during this drunk driving incident. Nevertheless, the lack of judgement is obvious, and without doubt there is a victim here: the people who were going to use the port-a-potties in question would have been seriously incommoded.

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