Drunk Driving Song By a Blues Funk Master: A.C. Reed

drunk-driving-song-by-ac-reedYour Hump-Day Recess

There are a million songs out there about drinking, and even a good number about drinking and driving. Some of them narrate an experience, others use drunk driving as a code for an attitude of rebellion. It’s hard to find a drunk driving song that just comes out and tells you not to do it. At least, it’s hard to find that among the good ones.

A.C. Reed is a an exception. Reed was a tenor sax player and vocalist who is best known for performing with the Chicago blues legend Buddy Guy. In 1987 his album I’m In the Wrong Business included the song “If You’re Drunk Don’t Drive.” Here’s his bluesy take on the message.

Well leave that car at home,
The life you save might be your own.
If you’re Drunk Don’t drive.

No existential self-pity like Johnny Paycheck’s “Drinkin’ and Drivin’.” No youthful defiance, like Black Sabbath’s “Trashed.” Just, “I was dumb, I did it, and don’t you do it.”

Maybe that’s why this drunk driving song wasn’t a hit. No matter. The people that followed A.C. Reed’s advice stuck around to boogie another day.

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