DUI of the Day: Driver Up the Creek, Passenger In It.

Sometimes a police officer needs to work hard to find and pursue drunk drivers. And sometimes things, well, fall into place. A police officer on patrol about 100 miles west of Chattanooga pulled up to a truck that was idling on a bridge. Just then the passenger got out, tripped and fell off the bridge into a creek.

Fortunately, the dash cam was on.

Taking this as a clue that all might not be right with the pair in the truck, the officer checked out the driver, and found him to be impaired. The result: one DUI, one charge of public intoxication, and the video you see here.

The point of the video, of course, is that guy on the passenger side is funny; the guy on the driver’s side is not. The worst that could have happened to the passenger is he might of drowned, a sad fate; but the driver could have killed himself, his passenger, and any number of other motorists or pedestrians with him. That’s not slapstick comedy we’re talking about anymore.

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