Minnesota Police Tweet: Is This DUI Punishment Too Brutal?

dui punishment too muchDrunk driving laws are motor vehicle laws. As such, the states determine the penalties. Wyoming, Minnesota – a town of about 7800 in the northern part of the state – seems to have added a DUI punishment of its own, and the only question is, can they get away with it?

Right before Thanksgiving the Wyoming police department issued a warning to its citizens to forestall any holiday drunk driving. The warning came vita the department’s Twitter account:

The tweet got plenty of attention, and even had some other departments thinking of comparable punishments involving other boy bands. But Wyoming was first past the post, and theirs was the most-retweeted quip.

A glance through the department’s feed shows that they really know how to use social media. Their tweets are informative when necessary, and irreverent when possible. They trade good-natured barbs with other police organizations, and seem to have some fans among cop shops as well.

Not just among police, either. In regards to the DUI tweet one citizen asked, “Do you guys offer Uber rides, but like, free?” to which the department replied, “Yes. To jail.”

It’s a good way to keep the community posted on what law enforcement is doing, while keeping everyone in a good mood.

But we hope that they don’t really play One Direction covers to unconvicted drunk drivers. Fines, jail, ignition interlocks – all are time-honored, constitutionally-approved examples of DUI punishment meant to keep impaired driving in check.

But you can take things too far. Back off, Wyoming PD.