Your Hump-Day Recess: DUIs Crash Fine Vintage Cars — Now That Really Hurts!

vintage pontiac hit by dui
A 1935 Pontiac deserves better than a DUI crash.

For years now, the LifeSafer blog has covered the many terrible effects that stem from drunk driving: death, injury, imprisonment, expense, unemployment, and more. There’s no doubt that impaired driving is a miserable thing to do yourself and your loved ones.

But what about the poor cars? Can we give them a thought today?

Recently, two drunk drivers in two different countries did what car lovers would consider beyond the pale: they crashed fine vintage cars as a result of drunk driving.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma Johnny Leon Taylor crashed his perfectly lovely 1935 Pontiac into a taxi while driving under the influence. And in London, Oliver Horsnall piloted his vintage Triumph Vitesse, a 1960s sports car, into a Ford Focus.

man drunk driving vintage triumph crashes
So does this old Triumph.

In a logical world, this would be no more of an outrage than any of the other drunk driving incidents that happen every day – thousands of them, despite constant reminders in both countries not to mix drinking and driving.

However, our world is emotional as well as logical, and when we see gorgeous specimens of automotive art get squished because someone has made a decision universally known to be stupid – Taylor even admitted that he was “being stupid” – it somehow seems even more pathetic.

How can a car survive 80 years, only to get banged up by a drunk driver?

In the real world, we fight drunk driving because of the dangers it poses to life and limb, and because it causes untold suffering to the families of offenders and victims. That alone should be enough to want to strengthen laws and stay vigilant.

But those cars… you have to admit, that hurts. So don’t drink and drive. The car you save may be really, really cool.

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