The Dumbest DUI Holiday of the Year

What’s the dumbest holiday excuse for drunk driving? It has to be an unofficial holiday that is observed even by people who don’t know its name: Blackout Wednesday.

The day before Thanksgiving is notorious for drunkenness and, as a result, drunk driving. It starts when family members travel home for Thanksgiving. Young people, in particular students who are away at college, come back and want to get together with their old friends. Thanksgiving itself is booked: that day will be spent with family. But the night before is open, so that’s when 18-to-25-year-olds gather and drink, often to excess. That’s where the term “Blackout Wednesday” comes from.

Too many of the young people drink and drive after these gatherings. That’s where the DUIs, collisions, injuries and deaths come from.

What makes it so dumb? Just that Blackout Wednesday is not even a holiday – it’s just an excuse to drink.

If you’re gathering with friends this Wednesday, keep in mind that driving drunk is dangerous. It’s also a way of ruining Thanksgiving for your family, if you should be picked up for DUI, or worse, end up in a collision.

If you’re checking in with old friends today or tomorrow, now is the time to agree on a designated driver, or pledge to taxi to and from the place you’re celebrating at.

Drunk driving is always dumb. Having a dumb excuse like Blackout Wednesday doesn’t make it any better.