16 Years of Daily Road Deaths is Maybe Enough. Time to End the Streak?

#EndTheStreakTx campaignIf you didn’t make note of November 7th in Texas, that’s understandable. It was a pretty normal day in the state.  Well, one person did die on Texas roads, but that’s nothing unusual. Someone has died every day on Texas roads every day since November 7th, 2000: 16 years of daily road deaths.

That’s one person a day since before the iPod existed. Since before Facebook and the administrations of G.W. Bush and Barack Obama. People were dying before you had heard of Usain Bolt, Android, and a full ten years before Instagram.

It’s not a good record – in fact, it’s a streak of mayhem that needs to stop now. To that end TxDOT has created a campaign, hashtag #EndTheStreakTX, to help drivers change their behavior.

What needs to change to end this dismal procession? Drivers must:

  • Buckle seatbelts
  • Never drink and drive
  • Pay attention, putting away phones and other distractions
  • Drive the speed limit, and use extra caution when weather conditions warrant

It’s not a lot, but since road deaths are almost all preventable, think of the lives that could be saved if all of this advice was followed. Indeed, since alcohol is responsible for a third of all road fatalities, using designated drivers would dramatically lower the death toll.

TxDOT is asking Texans to change their social medial profile pictures to ones they provide to popularize the effort to end the streak.  You can find all the information on their site.

Change your picture. Use the hashtag #EndTheStreakTx. And above all, drive safely to follow the hints above, so Texas can end this morbid streak and become a much safer place for everyone to drive.